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E-DRUG: Re: Training on rational use of drugs

Dear Merilyn,

I am from the Netherlands and I do not know which material you have form
Theo de Vries. I am working for 5 years now on the national implementation
of pharmacotherapy discussion groups. We have developped a lot of meterial
and have experience with 650 groups. When you want more information pleaswe
let me know.

Dutch institute for effective use of medication (DGV)
Geert Kocken
Churchilllaan 11
3527 GV Utrecht
email dgv@worldaccess.nl

Note from the E-drug moderator:
Theo de Vries was (in his previous job at University of Groningen) 
one of the editors of WHO Good Prescribing Manual, and was also one
of the teachers at the "problem based pharmacotherapy teaching course"
which was pioneered in Groningen, and has recently been multiplied
in Cape Town, South Africa.
Theo de Vries has since moved to become professor in Pharmacology at
the Free University, Amsterdam. Not sure about his email there.
The Groningen work is continued by Yunus Emre, who recently (one month
ago) published the WHO Good Precribing Manual on the Internet.

Wilbert Bannenberg 

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