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E-DRUG: Re: Thailand Conference

Dear Richard, 

With regard to evaluation of the Rational Prescribing course. I 
regret to say that I have not yet done such an evaluation of
 outcome. However I have thought about how it might be done.
 My idea was to use prescribing profile data as collected by the
 Australian Dept of Health. Profiles would be collected before and 
after doing the course, and would be compared with a control
group. Because of the small numbers of students involved, it
 may be difficult to detect a change, particularly as the prescribing
 profile data are limited in scope and completeness in Australia. It 
also requires of course the selection of markers of good prescribing, 
so that one can state whether the change has been positive or 

Perhaps you have a better idea for evaluation? I would be most 

Kind regards,

Merilyn Liddell
Dr Merilyn Liddell
Senior Lecturer
Department of Community Medicine
Monash University
email Merilyn.Liddell@med.monash.edu.au



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