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E-DRUG: Reference pricing

I'm writing a chapter on cost containment in the drug area for a book on
health policy.  Does anyone know of any good analytical literature about
reference based pricing?

Joel Lexchin

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Toronto, Ontario
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Note from the E-drug moderator:

Haaijer-Ruskamp FM, Dukes MNG. Drugs and money. Styx Publications,
POBox 1344, Groningen, Netherlands, 1991, ISBN 90 72371 21 6 
gives a general overview on drug cost containment in Europe.

Mossialos E, Ranos C, Abel-Smith B. Cost containment, pricing and 
financing of pharmaceuticals in the European Community: the policy
makers' view. LSE Health and Pharmetrica SA, 1994. ISBN 0-85328-205-6
300 pages of analysis (not read yet!). Sponsored by EU DG-3 (maybe 
available there?). Otherwise: LSE, Houghton St, London WC2A 2AE, UK.

Netherlands and Germany have extensively used the Reference price system:
any volunteers to summarize their experiences?

Wilbert Bannenberg, E-drug moderator 

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