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E-DRUG: Thailand Conference

Dear Merilyn,

I read your e-drugs message with interest. Have you evaluated your course in
relation to anything else than knowledge measures. Can you show that your
graduates prescribe more rationally than those who have not had similar
If you can I would encourage you to submit an abstract to the
International Conference on Improving the Use of Medicines. This meeting
will be held in Thailand April 1-4 and I am sure that this topic of
undergraduate and graduate education will generate a great deal of 

Although the deadline has passed I would encourage you to fax or e-mail 
and abstract. The fax number is 1-617- 859-8112 and the e-mail is

I hope to hear from you and to see you in Thailand.


Richard Laing

Richard Laing                           Tel (617) 353-6630
Department of International Health      Fax (617) 353-6330
School of Public Health,                e-mail richardl@bu.edu
Boston University,
53 Bay State Rd,
MA 02215 USA 

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