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E-DRUG: Re: Training on rational use of drugs

Dear E-druggers,

At Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, we have been providing 
a 10 week (100 hours) Distance Education course in Rational 
Prescribing to General Practitioners, which incorporates in two of 
the weekly sessions much of the material on prescribing developed
by Theo de Vries et al of Groningen and made available through the
 WHO. The course covers many other areas as well.

I have found that the course as a whole has been very well accepted 
by those students who choose it (usually taken as an elective within 
a Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine) but I often think we may be 
preaching to the converted.

As regards the sections converted from the Undergraduate course
from the Netherlands, I think we have not yet got it quite right for
practising GPs. I think they find it a bit simple and repetitive, and
not sufficiently streamlined for daily use. I would be very interested
in any further modifications others have made to upgrade it for
use by active practitioners. (Again, it may be that the audience who 
take this course are fairly sophisticated already in their 
prescribing habits).

Merilyn Liddell
Department of Community Medicine and General Practice
Monash University
Dr Merilyn Liddell
Senior Lecturer
Department of Community Medicine
Monash University
email Merilyn.Liddell@med.monash.edu.au 

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