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E-DRUG: counterfeit/fake/spurious drugs

Dear E-druggers,

some weeks ago we had a discussion on counterfeits in Nigeria.
I have now found the 2 references that I mentioned:

D.Pole. Drug distribution & fake drugs in Nigeria - international workshop
(12.4.89, Lagos). Institute for MEdical Informatics, Lagos, 1989. ISBN
Chapter 8 has title: Analysis of street market drugs" (by Dr. N.D.Ifundu)
>From the 486 drugs sampled, 331 were normal (68%), 107 were sub-standard (22%),
28 were worthless (6%) and 20 dangerous (4%).

Omowunmi Osibo. Spurious drugs: reading between the lines. Lanpharm Laboratories
and Scientific Services Ltd., P.O.Box 52830 Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. ISBN
978-31099-0-1. Lagos 1990.
This booklet describes 17 counterfeits (with name & color pictures), and tells
pharmacists what to look for to suspect a counterfeit.

I am not sure whether the books are still available. 

with kind regards,

Wilbert Bannenberg, E-drug moderator

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