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E-DRUG: Re:Training on rational use of drugs

The experience of the workgroup from the University of Groningen (Theo de
Vries and cols.) with undergraduates in the field of pharmacology has
encouraged us to try with GP on the same way.Yearly,we are teaching to 150 MD
from the south of Spain a short course of quality of prescription with the
aim of improving the use of drugs, that we have now modified on the basis of
the skills better than theorical knowledge for a good prescribing
practice. In the last weeks we have done the first three of this little
course type and from 10 December another one,adding in all the cases to the
original pattern indicators-oriented (the intrinsic value,level of
choice,potential of use), a problems-oriented training.It is too early to
evaluate the real impact, but we are now trying to resolve some didactics

I would like to know any experience or reference about this subject with
active prescribers.

Vicente M.Asencio Garcia
Centro de Salud Puerto de la Torre
Malaga, Spain

email: vicenteasencio@vnet.es

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