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E-DRUG: Re: Original pack dispensing delayed again

Dear E-druggers,

Of course it is not true that only those countries UK.USA and NL are dispensing 
from hospital packs, Maybe the only rich countries, We might give you 
a list of a hundred other ones that have to use hospital packs for
economical and logistical reasons. But maybe those countries do not are
not supposed to have an opinion? Dispensing from hospital packs to patients 
works very well with trained dispensers, nurses and other healthstaff.
 We must be carefull to spend our resources to reach as many patients with 
essential supplies as possible, This can only be done in the most economic 
packing in quantities related to the need in certain areas. Patient packing 
is bulky needs more storage space and more transport and is more expensive.
I have still to hear a compelling reason that can put these arguments aside.

Gerrit Weeda 
Yemen Drug Action Programme (YEMDAP) 
Sana'a, Yemen
E-mail: yemdapmpoh@y.net.ye

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