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E-DRUG: Re: dispensing in unit dose packages

Canada dispenses the large majority of drugs from bulk. For the most 
part, unit dose dispensing in the hospitals has turned out to be very 
cost-ineffective. It would be hard to imagine that the community could do 
any better....


Anne Holbrook,MD,PharmD,MSc,FRCPC
Centre for Evaluation of Medicines, St Joseph's Hospital, and
Department of Medicine, McMaster University, Rm 4X1
Phone: (905) 522-1155 ext 5269 (SJH) or 521-2100 ext 3371 (MUMC)
FAX: 521-6136 (SJH) or 521-4971 (MUMC)
E-mail: holbrook@fhs.csu.mcmaster.ca 

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