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E-DRUG: Web page improvements

Dear E-druggers,

E-Drug participants who read archived posts via the SatelLife/E-Drug
web page will notice some significant improvements.

First, the web page address changed about three weeks ago; it is now:


Users indicated that viewing an entire year index of archived messages
caused significant delays; in some cases browsers would exhaust memory.
Accordingly we have now divided the entire archives by a monthly basis,
selectable via a pull-down menu.  The options allow for any month between
November, 1996 to June, 1995 to be viewed.  

The hypermail format has been improved. Each archived post will display
in Arial proportional font, supported by Netscape/Microsoft Explorer
3.0 browsers.  The "promed by date" now displays the date of each posting.
Also, "Next message/Previous message" feature has been eliminated from each
posting so that Web search robots will more accurately "hit" a desired
post instead of its neighbor.

Finally, we have included a E-Drug-specific Excite search on the web
page, complementing the SatelLife-wide Excite search on our home page.  The
Excite software allows for both keyword and concept-based searches.  (Help
is available.)  

We're constantly striving to make the E-Drug web page more appealing
and useful. Please don't hesitate to email us with comments and suggestions.

Phil Temples

System Administrator,

Phil Temples
SatelLife: Global Communications for Health            phil@usa.healthnet.org 
1360 Soldiers Field Road, Boston MA 02135                Tel: +1 617.789.5455
http://www.healthnet.org   or: info@usa.healthnet.org    Fax: +1 617.789.4771 

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