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E-DRUG: Intellectual property rights and pharmaceuticals

Dear E-druggers, 

I am seeking information on Intellectual Property policy and
specific cases of results of policy. I am 
putting together a website that deals with different Intellectual 
Property issues and more specifically, pharmaceutical issues. If you know 
of any interesting examples... 

I work for the Consumer Project on Technology in Washington DC, USA and 
deal with various topics, obviously including pharmaceutical drugs and 
health care as well as intellectual property.

Any pertinent information/suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

Take care,
Sara Wood, Essential Information
tel: 202/387-8030
fax: 202/232-3811

comment from the E-drug moderator:

BUKO, a German NGO on pharmaceutical issues and developing countries, and
Health Action International (HAI) have just organised a seminar on this
topic in Bielefeld, Germany. I hope to share the results with all E-drug
participants in due course. Requests for more information can be sent to:
HAI, email:  hai@hai.antenna.nl
BUKO Pharmakampagne: email: 100270.272@compuserve.com

Wilbert Bannenberg (email: 73377.3055@compuserve.com) 

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