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E-DRUG: Prescribing indicators

Dear E-druggers,

This is an interesting question that is somewhat answered in the 
Lancet article of Dec 4th 1993. For some indicators the ideal is obvious, eg
availability of essential drugs and ED List, prescribing from EDL, adequate
labeling, generic prescribing, actually dispensed, and patient understanding
should be as high as possible, ideally 100%. For other indicators we do not
yet have gold standard studies to determine in different environments what
should be the norm. However we have so many studies from so many different
countries that we have a good idea. Average number of drugs 1.3 to 2,
antibiotics less than 25%, injections variable depending on guidelines but I
would advocate less than 5%. I find very little justification for any
injection use in OP PHC practice. Tetanus toxoid is the one exception. 

So I would be interested in other's suggestions of what the norms should be.


Richard Laing
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