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E-DRUG: pharmacy library pack

Dear E-drug members,

Although the attached message is proposing to sell something,
I hope you agree it is done for a good cause.
Anyway, the people who made the pack are not benefitting
themselves; their "Essential Drug Project" is a non-profit NGO.

Please let me know if you disagree with me, so that we can
discuss the submission of these messages.

Wilbert Bannenberg, E-drug moderator
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Pharmacy Library Pack to support management of drug supply 
GB POUNDS 35 (including surface mail - add GB POUNDS 15 for

An evaluation, carried out last year in twelve countries,
strongly endorsed the value of the Pharmacy Library Pack in the
cost-effective management of pharmaceutical services,
particularly in hospitals and health centres.  It contains eleven
books, training materials and guidelines which match the main
functions of drug supply and management - acquisition, holding,
distribution and rational use.  The contents have been chosen
with hospital directors and managers, pharmacists and
storekeepers in mind. 

The Pack has been produced to help managers of pharmaceutical
systems to use their drugs budget cost-effectively, bearing in
mind that the high cost of drugs and supplies is an important
factor in the financial difficulties hospitals and health centres
are experiencing.    
It has been estimated that medicines account for at least 25 per
cent of health budgets.  At the same time, the books, guidelines
and training materials which would make cost savings possible are
difficult to find and expensive.  The purpose of the Pharmacy
Library Pack is to help fill this gap.  The following
organisations have allowed us to make it available on a non-
profit-making basis: the Christian Medical Commission, Management
Sciences for Health, Medecins sans Frontieres, the Overseas
Development Administration, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society,
Tropical Doctor, and several Programmes of the World Health

The contents of the pack were selected by an expert group from
the Robert Gordon University School of Pharmacy, ECHO
International Health Services, Teaching Aids at Low Cost (TALC)
and the Essential Drugs Project.    


* WHO Report and Model List of Essential Drugs (8th List), 1995
  (guide to selection at district level and above, where no
  national list exists)

* Financing Essential Drugs: Report of a WHO Workshop, 1988 and
  'Ten questions to ask about revolving drug funds', Tropical
  Doctor, 1991

* International Drug Price Indicator Guide, Management Sciences
  for Health, 1995 

* 'Guidelines for Donors and Recipients of Pharmaceutical
  Donations' and 'Guidelines for Donors and Recipients of Medical
  Equipment', Christian Medical Commission

* How to Manage a Health Centre Store, AHRTAG, 1995

* Essential Drugs Practical Guidelines, Medecins Sans Frontieres,
  1993 (contains the WHO Emergency Health Kit list, which can be
  used as a model list for primary health care)

* 'Guidelines on Sterilisation and Disinfection Methods effective
  against HIV', WHO, 1989

* British National Formulary (provides a wealth of useful
  information and advice, and can also be used to identify
  alternative drugs when necessary)

* Clinical Guidelines, Diagnostic and Treatment Manual, Medecins
  Sans Frontieres, 1993

* 'Management of the Patient with Diarrhoea' and 'Management of
  the Patient with ARI', WHO

* How to Investigate Drug Use in Health Facilities, WHO/DAP, 1993
  (indicators for rational drug use)

To order, please send a cheque or banker's order to the
distributors: TALC (Teaching Aids at Low Cost), PO Box 49, 
ST ALBANS, Herts, AL1 5TX, UK.  
Fax: 01727 846852.  Phone: 01727 853869.  (Sorry - no email.)
VISA is also accepted.

Only available as a complete pack.  

If you require further details before ordering, contact the
Essential Drugs Project at email: edp@gn.apc.org

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