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E-DRUG: Request for information

Dear friends,

I received a fax recently from Norman Z. Nyazema in the Department of Clinical
Pharmacology at the University of Zimbabwe.  He is very concerned about a
Chinese herbal medicine which is being imported into Zimbabwe with the claim
that it can cure AIDS.  He feels that claims like this will undermine the AIDS
control program in Zimbabwe.  The name of this product is MOCREA and it is
produced by the HAIKOU PHARMACEUTICAL FACTORY in Haikou City, Hainan Province,
China.  According to the factory the product has been tested and proven by the
California AIDS Prevention Centre.  No one I have talked to here in Toronto,
Canada or in California has ever heard of either MOCREA or the California AIDS
Prevention Centre.

Does anyone have any information about either.  If you do either contact me by e
mail or else you can fax Dr. Nyazema directly at +263-4-708015.


Joel Lexchin MD
121 Walmer Rd.
Toronto, Ontario
Phone:  (416)-964-7186
Fax:  (416)-923-9515
e-mail: joel.lexchin@utoronto.ca

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