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E-DRUG: Update: Nepali package inserts

Dear friends,

This refers to the recent posting by Wilbert Bannenberg to inform
E-DRUGGers of the outcome of research done by using E-DRUG.

As some of you may recall, last month I posted a notice with a request
for help to get information on some 20 drugs in the Essential Drugs List
of Nepal, for which I am writing monographs. I am happy to inform that I
now have information on half of the drugs.

Many thanks to all those who responded and also to those who thought
about helping but did not have time. Kind regards.

Syed Rizwanuddin Ahmad
Division of Information Development
The United States Pharmacopeial Convention, Inc
12601 Twinbrook Parkway
Rockville, MD 20852, USA
Phone: 1-301-881-0666 x8649
Fax: 1-301-816-8374
Email: ra@the.usp.org

[Note from E-drug moderator Hilbrand Haak (102347.1567@compuserve.com):

Maybe the ones who "thought about helping but did not have time" (and
others) could give it one more thought and help Syed with the remaining
drugs? This was his earlier e-drug posting:

May 15, 1996
Dear colleagues,
I am writing monographs for drugs for the EDL of Nepal and need
information. I have already looked in Martindale, BNF and Goodman and
Gilman, but for most of them there is no or insufficient info to write a
monograph of USP standard. Many of the preparations are available in
other countries and e-drug subscribers in those countries could help me
by sending me package inserts.  

Can anyone please email, snailmail or fax me package inserts of any or all
of the following products in English?:  
     1.  Acriflavine                      
     2.  Aluminium acetate
     3.  Bismuth iodoform paraffin        
     4.  Cetrimide
     5.  Chromic acid 50%, 70%             
     6.  Clove oil 
     7.  Diptheria-antitoxin               
     8.  Ether
     9.  Ichthammol + Glycerine           
     10. Intraperitoneal dialysis solution 
     11. Liquid paraffin
     12. Methyl salicylate
     13. Methylated spirit
     14. Nitrofurazone
     15. Oxygen
     16. Potassium permaganate
     17. Ringer lactate
     18. Savlon
     19. Silver nitrate 10%, 20%
     20. Sodium lactate
Or alternatively identify the manufacturers (phone/fax numbers please)
from whom I can obtain this information?  Please send your messages
directly to me at ra@usp.org. Many thanks.
Syed Rizwanuddin Ahmad
The United States Pharmacopeial Convention, Inc. 
12601 Twinbrook Parkway
Rockville, Maryland 20852, USA
Phone: 301-881-0666 Ext.8649
Fax:   301-816-8374
E-mail: ra@usp.org

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