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E-DRUG: Pharmaceutical regulation comment from Netherlands

Hallo Niyada

One reference that may be of interest to you refers to a study for 
developing a future scenario  for pharmaceuticals in The Netherlands; 
it gives a total picture and an approach on how you may look at it. 
I'll fax you the first page, and where can order it. It is a book. An 
article was published in the BMJ 1994 page 1137 - 1140 (vol 309), 
but that really does not give you the information you are interested 
in. Another book. just published is 'Contested Grounds' edited by 
Peter Davis (Oxford University Press). Again I'll fax you the first 
page plus the content page. This will be done on monday.

I think you'll find both of value, though both deal with 
insutrialized countries.

Flora Haaijer-Ruskamp

[Others interested in regulation may wish to contact Flora haaijer-ruskamp 
directly for the same details of the publications mentioned.

Richard laing Moderator]

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