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E-DRUG: Re: Rational prescription of nsaids.

Very little published, but a number of groups in Canada, US, and UK 
working on guidelines and caremaps. We are distilling from 3 sources at 
the moment plus our own review of hte evidence for purposes of a 
computer-based practice guideline project on NSAIDs. The algorithm and 
guideline statements at this point refer only to musculoskeletal 
pain/osteoarthritis, but there should be something reasonable ready in a 
month or so. If interested, please e-mail me again then and I will try to 
send as an e-mail attachment.
Regards, anne

Anne Holbrook,MD,PharmD,MSc,FRCPC
Centre for Evaluation of Medicines, St Joseph's Hospital, and
Department of Medicine, McMaster University, Rm 4X1
Phone: (905) 522-1155 ext 5269 (SJH) or 521-2100 ext 3371 (MUMC)
FAX: 521-6136 (SJH) or 521-4971 (MUMC)
E-mail: holbrook@fhs.csu.mcmaster.ca 

On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, Rodolfo Dennis wrote:

> I would like help on publications in the general area of rational 
> prescription guidelines/practice guidelines regarding NSAID use for
> acute musculoskeletal disorders.
> Can anyone help?
> Rodolfo Dennis
> Director Unidad de Epidemiologia Clinica 

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