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[afro-nets] New Prevention Knowledge Base Entries!

AIDSFree is pleased to present two new PKB entries this week.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections: The role of STIs in 
the transmission dynamics of HIV epidemics is paradoxical and complex. 
Population-based studies have found that both the prevalence and incidence of 
HIV were substantially higher among people with STIs. However, randomized 
trials have found STI treatment to have little to no effect on HIV incidence. 
Even though STI treatment does not seem to have a significant impact on HIV 
incidence, effective management of STIs is an essential public health activity, 
especially for improved maternal and child health outcomes. Data linking the 
prevalence of STIs with increased risk of HIV transmission and acquisition 
underscore the importance of STI prevention, which can best be achieved through 
a comprehensive STI control program. View here:

HIV Prevention for Serodiscordant Couples: Although there is considerable 
variation across countries, recent studies of mature epidemics in sub-Saharan 
Africa show that up to two-thirds of couples dealing with HIV are discordant. 
One analysis estimated that 55 to 92 percent of new, heterosexually acquired 
HIV infections among adults occurred within serodiscordant marital or 
cohabiting relationships.
Additionally, among discordant couples, only the female partner was infected in 
30 to 40 percent of cases, which contradicts the common perception that only 
men, not women, are the HIV-positive partner. This Prevention Knowledge Base 
topic delves into factors that increase transmission between partners, 
effective types of interventions, and the current status of implementation 
expertise. View here:

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