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[afro-nets] Global Health Courses and Certificates Reduced Registration Rate

Dear Friend of Unite For Sight,

Unite For Sight's Global Health University 
<> offers more than 20 
online certificate programs, and the certificate registration rate will 
increase from $65 (current rate) to $100 after June 30. Be sure to register for 
the online certificate programs by June 30, and you may thereafter complete the 
curriculum at your convenience.

The certificates include written courses as well as recorded expert panel 
discussions, and all of these course materials are freely available to review 
online. To access the free course material, simply click below on the 
certificate topics that are of interest to you. Please feel free to forward 
this message to colleagues, students, and friends who may be interested in the 
online course materials.

Unite For Sight is a nonprofit organization committed to excellence in global 
health, and the online certificate programs are designed to develop and nurture 
current and future global health leaders.  After enrolling, participants may 
complete the certificate coursework at their own pace.

         Certificate in Global Health 
<>  Gain a 
comprehensive understanding about the complexities and realities of global 
         Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship 
  Learn about social entrepreneurship, innovation, and successful strategies in 
scaling ideas.
         Certificate in Global Health Practice 
 This certificate program is designed to prepare participants for global health 
field experiences.
         Certificate in Global Health Research 
Learn how to design and implement a global health-focused research study.
         Certificate in Effective Program Development 
<>  Gain 
a comprehensive understanding about program development, outcomes, and 
evidence-based program design.
         Certificate in Public Health Management 
<>  Learn about 
evidence-based program design and development, and gain a comprehensive 
understanding about program development and measuring results.
         Certificate in Responsible NGO Management 
  Learn about key strategies in nonprofit and NGO management, including program 
development, partnerships, branding, marketing, and human resource management.
         Certificate in Global Health Technology 
  Learn about the steps and challenges involved in designing and implementing 
technology to improve public health
         Certificate in Surgery and Global Health  
 Learn about surgery ethics, emergency care, and public health aspects of 
surgical interventions.
         Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation 
  Learn about the importance of outcomes and impact in global health program 
         Certificate in Nutrition, Food, and Hunger 
  Learn about the public health challenges and potential solutions related to 
nutrition and food accessibility.
         Certificate in Urban Health 
  Learn about the unique challenges of public health in urban settings.
         Certificate in Health Education Strategies 
 Gain a comprehensive understanding about health education strategies in global 
health delivery, including visual communication, school-based, and peer-to-peer 
health education programs.
         Certificate in Maternal and Child Health 
 Understand the unique barriers to healthcare that face women and children, and 
learn about cutting-edge innovations in healthcare and development.
         Certificate in Refugee Health 
 Learn about patient barriers to care, innovations in healthcare, and education 
for those in refugee camps as well as for resettled refugees.
         Certificate in Community Development 
<> Learn about best practices 
and strategies in community development, including Asset Based Community 
Development (ABCD).
         Certificate in Cultural Competency 
 Gain a comprehensive understanding about cultural competency and cultural 
awareness in the international setting.
         Certificate in Social Marketing and Entrepreneurship 
 Learn about spending practices, entrepreneurship, management, innovation, and 
social marketing at the Base of the Pyramid.
         Certificate in Community Eye Health 
 Learn about community eye health, medication management, measuring outcomes, 
metrics, and quality eye healthcare delivery.
         Certificate in Environmental Health 
<> Learn about 
environmental health, and understand innovation and social entrepreneurship 
strategies in the field.
         Certificate in Global Health & Program Delivery 
  Enroll in the Global Impact Corps program to combine high-impact service with 
an immersive global health learning experience in developing countries.

Jennifer Staple-Clark
Unite For Sight 
234 Church Street, 
Floor, New Haven, CT 06510 
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