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[afro-nets] How to Start a Career in Global Health: Webinar on February 25

Dear Friend of Unite For Sight,

Are you intrigued by the field of global health, but are you unsure about how 
to get your career started? The free webinar about "How to Start a Career in 
Global Health" <> will include 
five panelists who will focus on the best ways to connect with global health 
opportunities, skill sets that one should develop, how to conduct oneself in a 
job interview, strategies for cover letters, perspectives on quality and 
responsible engagement in global health, etc. The webinar will also highlight 
key cultural competency skills, as well as focus on humility in international 
and domestic settings.

How to Start a Career in Global Health 
Thursday, February 25, 2016, 4-5pm Eastern Time

Webinar Panelists:

         Shin Daimyo, Senior Advisor for Mental Health, Partners In Health; 
Paul and Daisy Soros Fellow; MSN Candidate, Yale School of Nursing
         Peter Drobac, Executive Director, University of Global Health Equity, 
a program of Partners In Health
         Gabrielle Fitzgerald, Global Health Consultant
         Ash Lauren Rogers, Executive Director, Lwala Community Alliance
         Lisa Russell, Director/Producer, Governess Films
         Moderated by Jennifer Staple-Clark, Founder and CEO, Unite For Sight

Jennifer Staple-Clark
Unite For Sight * 234 Church Street, 15th Floor, New Haven, CT 06510 * 
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