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[afro-nets] Esther's Story: Needless Blindness Eliminated

Imagine years of visual impairment brought to an end by a 15-minute surgery.

For 20-year old Esther, this miraculous transformation was a reality. She 
suffered from cataracts in both eyes, and her limited vision prevented her from 
succeeding in school. She was expelled from school due to her poor academic 
performance. Though she was diagnosed with cataracts and knew that her visual 
impairment could be corrected, Esther and her family didn't have the funds 
necessary for cataract surgery. She therefore remained blind and relied on her 
sibling to care for her.

That all changed when a friend of Esther's family benefited from a Unite For 
Sight-supported eye surgery and encouraged Esther to receive eye care from 
Crystal Eye Clinic's outreach in Elubo, Ghana. Esther had a Unite For 
Sight-supported cataract surgery on one eye in May 2015, and she was truly 
grateful to be able to see with one eye.  She just had another cataract surgery 
yesterday in her other eye and is thrilled to now be able to see clearly in 
both eyes. She says that she now plans to return to school and give the best 
care to her 2-year old daughter.

We don't get to tell stories like Esther's often enough.  80% of blindness is 
preventable or treatable, and 31 million people are needlessly blind.  With 
your generous support, we can bring sight to 2,000 more people this holiday 
season who are currently blind from cataracts. By sponsoring sight restoration 
for patients like Esther in Ghana, India, and Honduras, your donation will help 
end the needless blindness of so many who cannot afford this life-changing 
surgery. <> No amount is too small to help us 
reach our goal of raising $100,000 during December.

This holiday season, give the gift of sight 
<>.  You may also donate as a gift to 
a family member or friend, and we'll provide you with a certificate to present 
to your loved one.

Unite For Sight is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 100% of all 
funds donated to Unite For Sight provide eye care for patients living in 
poverty.  Learn more about our leading financial model. 

Jennifer Staple-Clark
Unite For Sight 
234 Church Street, 15th Floor, New Haven, CT 06510 
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