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[afro-nets] Save the Children- State of the Worlds Mothers Report

State of the World's Mothers Report

Save the Children – 2012
Available online PDF [70p.] at:

“…….Alarming numbers of mothers and children in developing countries are not 
getting the nutrition they need.

For mothers, this means less strength and energy for the vitally important 
activities of daily life. It also means increased risk of death or giving birth 
to a pre-term, underweight or malnourished infant. For young children, poor 
nutrition in the early years often means irreversible damage to bodies and 
minds during the time when both are developing rapidly. And for 2.6 million 
children each year, hunger kills, with malnutrition leading to death.

This report looks at the critical 1,000-day window of time from the start
of a woman’s pregnancy to her child’s second birthday. It highlights
proven, low-cost nutrition solutions – like exclusive breastfeeding for the
first 6 months – that can make the difference between life and death for
children in developing countries. 

It shows how millions of lives can be saved – and whole countries can be 
bolstered economically – if governments and private donors invest in these 
basic solutions. As Administrator Shah states persuasively in the Foreword to 
this report, the economic argument for early nutrition is very strong – the 
cost to a nation's GDP is significant when kids go hungry early in life…..”

Executive Summary: Key Findings and Recommendations

Why Focus on the First 1,000 Days?.. . 

The Global Malnutrition Crisis

Saving Lives and Building a Better Future: Low-Cost Solutions That Work

• The Lifesaving Six.. 

• Infant and Toddler Feeding Scorecard.

• Health Workers Are Key to Success

Breastfeeding in the Industrialized World.

Take Action Now.

Appendix: 13th Annual Mothers’ Index and Country Rankings.

Methodology and Research Notes


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