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[afro-nets] Two case studies on HIV, mental health and nutrition in Ethiopia and Uganda

Two new case studies on HIV from AIDSTAR-One...

Coffee, Popcorn, Soup, and HIV
Chronic food insecurity and achieving strict adherence to antiretroviral 
therapy (ART) are global challenges that, together, have a deleterious effect 
on children and pregnant women living with HIV. In Ethiopia, where the child 
malnutrition rate is one of the highest in the world, side effects of treatment 
threaten to reduce adherence to drug regimens and contribute to the development 
of drug-resistant strains of HIV. This case study examines how the Breedlove 
Project integrates HIV programming (treatment and PMTCT) with nutrition 
programming to address short-term and long-term needs of families and 
households in Ethiopia. 

Prioritizing HIV in Mental Health Services Delivered in Post-Conflict Settings
Often, mental health and behavioral issues are overlooked in HIV care, support, 
and treatment programs in post-conflict settings, such as northern Uganda. 
Undetected and untreated mental health problems have been shown to have a 
profound effect on antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence, symptom severity, 
and quality of life, which in turn can influence HIV progression. This case 
study examines the Peter C. Alderman Foundation's efforts to integrate HIV 
services and referrals into their mental health program in the post-conflict 
area of Northern Uganda. 

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