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[afro-nets] Funding opportunities for NGOs

Your Questions on “How to Obtain EC Funding” 
 inProgress, a training and consultancy company in Berlin has come out with a 
Question & Answer guide to provide simple and concise information about EC 
funding to NGOs.  “*How to Obtain EC Funding: 10 Key Questions and Answers*” is 
a guide for NGOs implementing development projects in developing countries to 
understand the funding processes of the EC...<

Be Free Global's Micro-Grants to NGOs working with 
 Be Free Global is accepting grant applications from non-profit organizations 
whose mission impact children in their immediate communities around the world.  
Be Free Global’s mission is to link action and ideas for children by providing 
alternative funding opportunities for creative projects worldwide that improve 
the lives of children of diverse backgrounds that otherwise may not exist...

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