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[afro-nets] Why and How to Make an International Crime of Medicine Counterfeiting

Plainly, knowingly making fake medicines that do not help people, or that harm 
and kill them, ought to be considered a more serious transnational crime than 
it is. Other evil acts that deliberately endanger life on a transnational, 
widespread and systematic basis �� for example, terrorism or hijacking �� 
receive a far stronger legal treatment today. So too does the counterfeiting of 
currency, which though an age-old scourge, became an international crime in 
1929. On that occasion, the international legal community declared that those 
who faked money should, ��without ever being allowed impunity��,6 be placed 
under universal jurisdiction and made liable to prosecution in any country, not 
just the country where the counterfeiting took place. Almost a century after 
this development, humanity and the defense of public health requires doing 
likewise for the trade in counterfeit medicines.

Thank you very much.
With warm personal regards,


Dr. Surender N. Gupta, 
FIMS;MAE (Epidemiology); OCCRTI
Faculty, Regional Health and Family Welfare Training Centre, 
CHHEB, Kangra-Himachal Pradesh, India. 
01892-265472 (Fax); 01892-263472 (Office)
Mobile: 094181-28634.
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