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[afro-nets] Experts for short-term assignments to assess Health Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems and capacities

ResultsinHealth (RiH) is an international advisory agency, specializing in 
public health and development. It offers services to governments, 
non-governmental organizations, bilateral and international organizations, and 
financing agencies. RiH has a passion for the development and delivery of 
effective health care to disadvantaged populations, for the delivery of 
effective technical assistance, and for actively fighting the major human 
epidemics. As a major component of its work portfolio, RiH is involved in 
assessment of Health Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems in a number of 
countries, and for preparing recommendations for the improvement of such 
systems. RiH wishes to contact experts who can assist in these activities.

M&E experts are expected to be involved in:
*   Conducting onsite and desk assessments of M&E plans, systems and capacities 
*   Rating M&E plans, systems and capacities, identify gaps and implementation 
bottlenecks, and formulate conclusions and recommendations to strengthen 
*   Providing scheduled and ad-hoc technical advice on HIV/AIDS, TB and 
Malaria, in line with the country and health programmes involved 
*   Participating in on-site data verifications 
*   Experts will work as part of a team of health, audit and financial 
management professionals, and activities take place in all regions of the 

Successful candidates have a university degree in health or a health related 
area, and preferably 7 years of experience in M&E related work in the field of 
HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB. They will have extensive knowledge of M&E 
methodologies, a strong background in health programmes, good understanding of 
routine health information systems and excellent knowledge of M&E principles 
and practices in the health/development sector. They have working experience in 
more than one country. 

RiH experts have a strong commitment to health and development, and a special 
interest in issues related to public health. They have an open mind-set, 
flexible attitudes, and an entrepreneurial approach. They take ensuring the 
quality and consistency of their work serious. They express themselves clearly 
and concisely, especially in written form. Hands-on experience is a 
non-negotiable requirement. Strong interpersonal skills are indispensable, as 
are strong self-management skills and an ability to deliver in a timely 

Excellent verbal and written knowledge of English is a key requirement, while 
knowledge of additional languages (in particular French, Spanish and Russian) 
is seen as an advantage.

Applications should be sent by email to .
Please include the following information:

- Curriculum Vitae
- Short letter of presentation (½ - 1 page), describing your abilities to meet 
the essential requirements in this notice
- Names and contact details of a minimum of 2 references

More information on RiH can be found at


Hilbrand Haak, MD, MPH
Zijlbaan 46
2352 BN Leiderdorp
The Netherlands
T +31 71 750 3240
F +31 71 523 3592

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