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[afro-nets] Monitoring and evaluation training opportunities and resources by MEASURE Evaluation

Chapel Hill, NC USA - Please find opportunities to receive training in 
monitoring and evaluation and new publications by MEASURE Evaluation below.

*GIS and GHI: Achieving Global Health Initiative Principles with Geographic 
Tools and Data, April 2011*
Geographic tools and data can play a vital role in ensuring implementation of 
GHI (Global Health Initiative) principles. The next MEASURE GIS Working Group 
meeting will present recent innovations in the use of spatial tools and data 
and explore how geographic context can support GHI principles. Additionally, 
meeting attendees will have the opportunity to contribute to the working 
group’s development of recommendations to inform a learning agenda for use of 
spatial tools and data for GHI.

*National Workshop on M&E of Public Health Programs, June 2011* 
This workshop aims to increase the national capacity for M&E of public health 
programs in Nigeria. Participants will acquire knowledge of M&E fundamentals 
and gain hands on experience in designing M&E plans.

*Nigeria End-of-Project Primary School Headmaster and Teacher Survey, 2009*
This report presents findings from the 2009 Nigeria end-of-project primary 
school survey among headmasters and teachers. The survey serves as the endline 
for the Community Participation for Action in the Social Sector Project 
(COMPASS). The survey was implemented in local government areas in the states 
of Bauchi, Federal Capital Territory, Kano, Lagos, and Nasarawa where the 
COMPASS Project was implemented.

*Seven Steps to Use Routine Information to Improve HIV/AIDS Programs*
This document presents concrete steps and illustrative examples that can be 
used to facilitate the use of information as a part of the decision-making 
processes guiding program design, management, and service provision in the 
health sector. Specifically, seven steps to information use outlined in this 
document will help address barriers to using routinely-collected data by 
providing guidance in (1) linking questions of interest to program managers and 
providers to existing data; (2) analyzing, graphing, and interpreting data; and 
(3) continuing to monitor key indicators to information improvements.

MEASURE Evaluation, a MEASURE project funded by the U.S. Agency for 
International Development (USAID) under terms of Leader with Associates 
Cooperative Agreement GHA-A-00-08-00003-00. Views expressed do not necessarily 
reflect the views of USAID or the U.S. government. MEASURE Evaluation is the 
USAID Global Health Bureau's primary vehicle for supporting improvements in 
monitoring and evaluation in population, health and nutrition worldwide.

Learn more about MEASURE Evaluation at

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