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Dear All 

We are glad to inform you that the April 2011 Issue of Southern Med Review has 
been released. The complete journal (file) can be accessed from the University 
of Auckland's website:

The complete journal file and the individual articles can also be downloaded 
from the journal's website
Scahill SL, Babar ZU. Social Pharmacy: borrowing tools and theories the world 
over. Southern Med Review (2011) 4;1:1 doi:10.5655/smr.v4i1.78
Guest Editorial
Ballantyne PJ. Medicines use and access research: diverse methodologies show a 
complex picture requiring our attention. Southern Med Review (2011) 4;1:2-3 

Heydon S. Mountains and medicines: history and medicines use in rural Nepal. 
Southern Med Review (2011) 4;1:4-8
Research Articles
Harper J, Strote J. Afghanistan pharmaceutical sector development: problems and 
prospects. Southern Med Review (2011) 4;1:29-39
Chana RC, Bradley H. Sociocultural, economic and regulatory influences on 
medicine use by consumers in a rural township in Cameroon. Southern Med Review 
(2011) 4;1:9-16
Trap R, Trap B, Hansen TW, Hansen EH. Performance based reward for
immunization: experiences from GAVI. Southern Med Review (2011) 4;1:40-47
Review Article
Ballantyne PJ. Assessing pharmacists’ impacts in primary health care: are we 
asking the right questions? Southern Med Review (2011) 4;1:17-21
Wang D, Zhang X. The selection of national essential medicines in China: 
progress and the way forward. Southern Med Review (2011) 4;1:22-28
The aim of  “Southern Med Review”is to promote pharmacueitcal policy research. 
The journal is indexed in Scopus, CrossRef, EMBASE, Directory of Open Access 
Journals (DOAJ), EBSCO Host, Open J Link, Gale, Global Health, CAB Abstract 
Databases, Ulrich’s Periodical Directory, New Zealand’s National Library and in 
 WHO’s Essential Medicines Documentation Database.
Kind Regards

Dr Zaheer-Ud-Din Babar B.Pharm.,MPharm(Clin Pharm).,PhD
Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice
School of Pharmacy
Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences
The University of Auckland
Private Mail Bag 92019, Auckland
New Zealand
Ph: +64 9 3737599 Ext 88436
Fax: +64 9 3677192
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