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[afro-nets] Procurement and Supply Management Course in Kampala Uganda

Course Announcement 

Procurement and Supply Management (PSM) for the Uninitiated Professional    

Location: Royal Suites, Bugolobi, Kampala, Uganda  

Date: 25-30 July, 2011   


Pharmasystafrica and Makerere University are offering a one-week survey course 
on responding to in-country PSM bottle necks and challenges. The course will be 
tailored to address actual in-country PSM challenges based on a collection of 
case studies. Orientation and training of in-country professionals and 
technical assistance providers based on country needs and priorities is 
critical to improving capacity building outcomes and enhance sustainability. 

Scope and intent:   

Procurement and supply management (PSM) challenges represent a key bottleneck 
to access of effective treatments in resource-limited settings. Key to 
strengthening PSM systems is the orientation and training of technical 
assistance providers based on global vision and priorities. Although there are 
a number of agencies and consultants who provide capacity building support in 
the PSM area, most of these are not located in the immediate vicinity of the 
need and constantly, demand outstrips supply. The limited numbers of experts 
becomes a bottleneck to PSM systems strengthening and implementation. There is 
thus need to develop more experts with appropriate skills to assist partners in 
low-income countries of the South to address program, national and regional 

Target Audience:   

The training will target professionals with key roles in PSM systems including 
those supported by national governments and international organizations. 
Participants will also include professionals with an interest in building their 
skills as independent PSM consultants. 


For logistical purposes, the training will be restricted to 30 participants. 
These will be selected based on stringent criteria. The fee for this course, a 
first of its kind, is $1600.00. Meals, accommodation, airport transfers and 
transport to and from the training venue are included in the fee. Full or 
partial scholarships will be available for those who are selected to 
participate, but are not able to meet some or all of the costs associated with 
the course. The fee for non-resident participants is $800.00 even though we 
encourage participants to stay at the training site due to the intensity of the 
course. The language of instruction is English. A French course will be 
organized in West Africa during the latter part of the year.    

Course Content   

The course content includes key aspects of the PSM systems, based on in-country 
case studies. By the end of the course, participants will be:  

i. Able to critically appraise PSM plans, in the context of organisational 
structures and health systems in which they are placed  

ii. Conversant with the different approaches and methodologies to assess PSM 

iii. Able to identify factors contributing to a well-performing PSM system in 
developing countries  

iv. Measure the performance of a PSM system using appropriate indicators  

v. Introduced to problem solving oriented approaches to capacity building for 
pharmaceutical systems in low resource settings  

vi. Be equipped with the necessary skills to prepare various reports required 
in consultancies for PSM capacity building   

Course Faculty   

The principal facilitators for this course will come from the Global Fund, WHO, 
PharmaSystAfrica, Makerere University and other agencies. Profiles of faculty 
will be posted on the course brochures.   


Please apply online at or by e-mail to .The deadline for applications is Friday, May 6, 


Requests for additional information and support for participation telephone +1 
502 298 5515 or sent request to:

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