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Dear Afro-Nets digest,

I was wondering if could send a link to the IRAC (Insecticide Resistance Action 
Committee) website on one of your forthcoming newsletters to announce the 
second edition of the IRAC Vector Manual. Please find a link to the IRAC Public 
Health website ( and information 
and a link to the manual copied below: 

"IRAC has just published the second edition of the very popular manual 
"Prevention and Management of Insecticide Resistance in Vectors of Public 
Health Importance". This has been extensively revised and updated with many 
completely new sections added to chapters, along with further graphs and 
figures including some very useful flowcharts explaining resistance management 
best practice and what to do if you suspect resistance. Copies of the manual 
will be printed for circulation shortly but in the meantime you can be 
downloaded this second edition from the website. Click here to download the 
IRAC Vector Manual second edition (1MB).
<> "

Many thanks!

Best regards

Dr. Helen Pates Jamet
Head of Entomology
Vestergaard Frandsen SA
Address: Chemin de Messidor 5-7, CH-1006, 
Lausanne, Switzerland

Office: Office: +41 21 310 73 33 * Fax: +41 21 310 73 30 
Direct: +41 21 310 73 54 * Mobile: +41 79 571 4569 
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