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[afro-nets] Training course announcement- Analysing Disrupted Health Systems in Countries in Crisis

Analysing Disrupted Health Systems in Countries in Crisis

(Jointly organized by International Rescue Committee, Merlin and World Health 
Organization/Health Action in Crises. The course receives funding from the 
Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA/USAID).)

Location: Tunisia(Hammamet)
Date: 05/16/2011 to 05/27/2011
Language: English
Application deadline 15 April 2011

The health systems of countries in crisis are often weak and unable to address 
the increased health needs of the population. Moreover, health workers in these 
countries often have limited capacity to analyse the major features and 
weaknesses of the health system.

This lack of capacity hampers the formulation of appropriate sector strategies 
and plans. As a result, emergency appeals and response interventions are often 
prepared based on inadequate evidence. This poses major challenges to both 
Governments and the international community.

This course aims to address these constraints as part of a broader learning 
programme to improve the analytical and planning capacity of Ministries of 
Health and agencies in countries in chronic crisis. The overall objective of 
the programme is to strengthen health professionals' ability to analyse health 
systems in countries in crisis; develop adequate response and recovery 
strategies; and plan and implement effective interventions.

The course is open to all interested and motivated candidates who meet the 
minimum entry criteria below:

    * a degree in medicine, public health, social sciences or related 
    * at least five years' work experience in humanitarian action or health 
systems development, preferably in complex emergencies;
    * willingness to complete 15 to 20 hours of pre-course assignment;
    * proficiency in oral and written English is essential. The selection panel 
may request a phone interview to assess a candidate's English language 

For further information:
or contact 

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