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Social Medicine has just published its latest issue at

We are happy that information about the health care struggles in Colombia (our 
lead editorial) and Argentina (where Dr. Hirtz and her colleagues describe how 
workers took over their clinic rather than see it close) is available to an 
English-speaking audience. Claire Robinson and Martin Donohue describe the 
public health damage caused by GE Healthcare, an entity that also shows up in 
Indira Chakravarthi´s detailed look at corporate penetration into Indian health 
care.  Dr. Tim Anderson offers a fascinating look at the Cuban-inspired 
development of social medicine in Timor Leste and ponders how it will develop 
in the future.  Drs. Laura Moya and Jorge Alvar have completed a systemic 
review of the role of stigma in cutaneous neglected tropical diseases and ask 
if previous health campaigns have not failed because of a neglect of this 
important aspect of disfiguring diseases. Finally,  he noted historian Socrates 
Litsios provides a glimpse into the Rockefeller Foundation's conflicted 
approach to promoting public health in US medical schools.

We invite you to review the Table of Contents here and then visit our web site 
to review articles and items of interest.

Thanks for the continuing interest in our work,
Matthew Anderson
Department of Family and Social Medicine, MMC/AECOM, Bronx New York, USA
Phone 917 817-1986

Social Medicine
Vol 5, No 4 (2010)
Table of Contents

Colombia’s New Health Reform: Keeping the Financial Sector Healthy (177-181)
       Mario Hernández Álvarez,        Mauricio Torres-Tovar

Original Research
Social Medicine in Timor Leste (182-191)
       Tim Anderson

Corporate presence in healthcare sector in India (192-204)
       Indira Chakravarthi

On the “hitherto untried process of giving doctors adequate training” in 
preventive medicine and public health (205-217)
       Socrates Litsios

Stigmatizing neglected tropical diseases: a systematic review (218-227)
       Laura Moya Alonso,      Jorge Alvar Medical Officer

Social Medicine in Practice
Working Conditions and Health Care in a “recuperated” clinic in Cordoba, 
Argentina (228-236)
       Natalia V. Hirtz,       Marta S. Giacone,       Carlos Álvarez., Eduardo 

GE Healthcare - "Most Admired Company" or Foe of Public Health (237-244)
       Claire Robinson

Matthew Anderson

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