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[afro-nets] Course Announcement: Management Development Program for Health Service Providers

Management Development Program for Health Service Providers
Nairobi, Kenya 
2 - 7 May 2011


The Management Development Institute (MDI) Program for health care 
organisations is a one-week intensive program to enhance the leadership and 
management skills of program managers and leaders of Sub-Saharan African 
organisations, governmental and non-governmental, that are devoted to 
delivering health care services to underserved populations. The program has 
been specifically designed to assist African ministries of health in 
implementing their particular national health priorities. Over 500 participants 
from 22 African countries have already graduated from the precursor to this 
program. The prior version of the MDI was focused solely on HIV/AIDS. In 2011 
the program's new focus will be expanded to health systems, generally, and will 
invite participation of those involved in implementing national health 
priorities in the areas not only of communicable diseases, of which HIV/AIDS is 
one, but also chronic diseases. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes, in 
particular among chronic diseases, will become increasingly responsible for the 
overall burden of disease and for the accompanying financial burden for 
treatment in sub-Saharan Africa. 

The program has been designed by world-class management faculty from the UCLA 
Anderson School of Management at the University of California at Los Angeles 
(UCLA) and by leaders of the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF). 
The MDI is delivered by instructors from UCLA, AMREF and by outstanding faculty 
from other African universities, including the Ghana Institute of Management 
and Public Administration (GIMPA), and the Graduate School of Business at the 
University of Cape Town (UCT). The program is funded by Johnson & Johnson, one 
of the most admired companies in the world today. The language of instruction 
in all programs is English.

In 2011, we will offer three identical programs - each in a different region of 

* For East African leaders will be held in Naivasha (2 hours drive from 
Nairobi), Kenya on 2 - 7 May 2011

Application Deadline: 1 April 2011

To download the application form for the East African program, please use this 

* For Southern African leaders in Cape Town, South Africa on 21 ? 27 August 2011

Application Deadline: 11 July 2011

To download the application form for the Southern African program, please use 
this link:

* For West African leaders, in Accra, Ghana on 28 August - 3 September 2011

Application Deadline: 11 July 2011

To download the application form for the West African program, please use this 

Program Goals

The major goal of the MDI is to provide ministries of health with the requisite 
management and leadership capacity to implement their stated national health 
priorities. Representatives from public health systems along with their NGO 
implementing partners will learn management tools, frameworks and knowledge 
that will enable them to increase the quantity and quality of health services 
they provide along with improved access to them. The lessons will be practical, 
and aimed toward successfully meeting the complex challenges faced by Eastern, 
West and Southern African health systems.

Who Should Attend

You are expected to apply for the program as a member of a team consisting of 
two or more individuals that are employed by the same organization or else that 
are collaborating across organizations and focused on the same national or 
regional health priority.

Titles of team members might be Director, Project Manager, Program Manager, 
Executive Director, Program Coordinator, Public Health Coordinator, Regional 
Coordinator, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Nurse, Medical Superintendent, 
Country Coordinator, or comparable titles.

Cost of the Program

The cost of the MDI program is US$ 4,000 per participant.  Johnson and Johnson 
awards scholarships to managers who have the greatest potential to positively 
impact the quantity and quality of services in their organization.  These 
scholarships cover the cost of tuition, training materials, accommodation and 
meals.  Travel expenses, if required, will be borne by the participants or 
their organisation.  Upon completion of this training, participants will be 
required to apply the knowledge and skills gained to resolve a management issue 
or obstacle in their organization.

To read additional information on the program, please visit the MDI website: Shortlisted applicants will be contacted 
for an interview at least three weeks before the course begins.

To download the MDI Brochure, please use this link:

For any inquiries, please contact:
Anthony Wairagu

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