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[afro-nets] NGOs and health systems strengthening (or weakening) (9)

I am happy that you raised this issue because in many developing countries, 
like Nigeria, donor agency funded drugs are managed by non pharmacists, at both 
private sectors and primary health centres. Drugs and other health commodities 
are easily accessible in the open market without restrictions, so they fall 
into the hands of untrained persons who cajole the unsuspecting and uninformed 
mothers into seeking healthcare from them, so even with the availability of the 
drugs  etc, there is widespread misuse with consequent treatment failure.

The presence of NGOs also weaken the formal health sector because the NGOs 
offer more attractive remuneration, and even in hospitals where they exist 
alongside the formal health services, the government employees prefer to work 
there. In majority of the secondary and tertiary hospitals in Nigeria where 
HIV/AIDs counselling and treatment pharmacies exist, they are so well furnished 
and equipped that every Pharmacist in the hospital would prefer to work their, 
thereby downplaying on the poorly equipped government pharmacy within the same 


Ukamaka Okafor

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