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[afro-nets] Good Practice Guide to Public Engagement in Development Schemes

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Good Practice Guide to Public Engagement in Development Schemes

Planning Aid England -Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), June 2010

Available online PDF [24p.] at:

 “…..For developers, communities and decision makers, one of the biggest 
challenges in taking forward a development scheme is to ensure that public 
engagement is undertaken in a way which is meaningful, inclusive and brings 
benefits for all involved.

 This guide is intended to provide practical advice for all those involved in 
public engagement in development schemes which require planning consent. It is 
illustrated by real examples of good practice and provides information and 
assistance to those planning, engaging in, or assessing community 


* Forcommunities, engagement means a chance to understand what is proposed, to 
explore how a development can bring value to an area, to identify which options 
would work best within a local context, to help shape solutions and to have 
their say on a scheme.

* Fordevelopers, engaging with the local community can provide vital local 
knowledge, reduce the risk of challenges and delays, identify how a scheme can 
bring value to a local area and enhance the reputations of all involved.

* Fordecision makers, good pre-application engagement will have identified 
those issues of importance to the local community and show how the proposal has 
responded to these. It will be for the decision maker to balance these 
alongside planning policy and other considerations, e.g. traffic impact, job 
creation and make a decision on the application…………”

Why Engage?
Principles of Engagement
Awareness to Engagement
Planning for Community
Pre-application Stage
Submission to Decision Stage
Construction and Operation Stage
Delivering Good Practice

Planning Aid - East of England

Ruggiero, Mrs. Ana Lucia (WDC)

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