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[afro-nets] NGOs and health systems strengthening (or weakening) (4)

Dear Serventi,

In Indian state of Himachal, the government have identified 75 health 
institutions where the delivery would be free of cost including that of 
cesarean section. This has raised the %age deliveries upto 10% within few 
months and we expect this to rise further as the time pass.

It takes only Rs. 500/- for normal delivery and Rs. 3000/- for CS, but the 
returns are safe delivery and decrease in MMR and IMR.

Also next month the government plan to introduce Free Emergency Ambulance 
Service which is expected to bring pregnant ladies to the health institutions 
and this may further raise the institutional deliveries by 20-27%.


Dr. Omesh Kumar Bharti
Directorate of Health Safety and Regulation,
SHIMLA, Himachal Pradesh, India.

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