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[afro-nets] NGOs and health systems strengthening (or weakening) (2)

There is room for reflection in this message.

I appreciate the concern of Medicus Mundi International that raised this 
sensitive point.

I would suggest to them to broaden their discussion when they'll meet in 
Amsterdam. A 'new' aspect of health care delivery in many poor countries is the 
role played by the *Private* *sector*. It is widespread, day by day,rapidly. A 
vivid example is here in Nyala where one can see plenty of private 
doctors,local healers, private clinics,private hospitals,private 
pharmacies,plenty of drugs and plumpynut....but still children do die from 
malnutrition and common diseases . A drug for any illness is not the correct 
approach,I think you agree.

We should be together to declare with one voice that : children under fives and 
pregnant women should receive FREE SERVICE. Under any circumstances, by the 
government clinics or by the non for profit clinics:always,always FREE! 
including medical consultation and drugs prescribed. As it is for vaccination.

Dr. Massimo Serventi
Nyala Pediatric Centre
Italian Hospital

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