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[afro-nets] 2010 Global Hunger Index: The Crisis of Child Undernutrition

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Global Hunger Index

The Challenge of Hunger: Focus on the Crisis of Child Undernutrition

International Food Policy Research Institute – October 11, 2010

Available online PDF [56p.] at:

  .Malnutrition among children under two years of age is one of the leading 
challenges to reducing global hunger and can cause lifelong harm to health, 
productivity, and earning potential, according to the 2010 Global Hunger Index 

“……The Index scores countries based on three equally weighted indicators:
- the proportion of people who are undernourished,
- the proportion of children under five who are underweight, and
- the child mortality rate. The biggest contributor to the global score is 
child undernutrition, which accounts for almost half of the score….”



Chapter 01 The Concept of the Global Hunger Index

Chapter 02 Global, Regional, and National Trends

Chapter 03 Fighting the Crisis of Early Childhood Undernutrition The 
Thousand-Day Window of Opportunity

Chapter 04 Community Perspectives on Early Childhood Undernutrition “Now We See 
It Is a Problem and We Know How to Address It”

Chapter 05 Tackling Early Childhood Undernutrition Policy Recommendations


Press Release

Improve Child Nutrition to Reduce Global Hunger, Says New Global Hunger 

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Ruggiero, Mrs. Ana Lucia (WDC)

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