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The Communications Handbook for Clinical Trials is a powerful resource that 
guides the work of researchers, study coordinators, and communications 
professionals involved in clinical trials of new drugs or interventions. 
Incorporating lessons learned and best practices from trial experiences in 
countries worldwide, the Handbook provides practical guidance for anticipating 
and responding to the challenges posed by clinical research, especially in 
resource-limited settings.

The book includes:
*         Sample communications plans for clinical trials
*         Communications and crisis-planning templates and checklists
*         Scenario-planning tools to facilitate planning for the release of 
trial results
*         Ideas on delegating communications tasks to reduce demand on key site 
*         Tips and techniques on how to communicate effectively in interviews, 
in meetings, and with the media.

Tip 1-Investing in developing and implementing a comprehensive communications 
plan pays dividends in many ways:

*         Saves time, energy, and money

*         Informs key stakeholders while preventing misinformation and 

*         Maintains support for the current study and for future research

*         Provides sound sources of information for news media

*         Prevents and mitigates crises

The Handbook was developed with input from nearly 100 individuals, representing 
15 countries and 30 organizations.

The Communications Handbook for Clinical Trials is available as a free download 

To order the hard copy:
Please download the 
 legibly complete it and send it, with payment of $75 for commercial 
organizations and $45 for nonprofit organizations, to:
Publications Manager, FHI, PO Box 13950, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 USA
or fax it to: +1 (919) 544-7261.
If you cannot acess the form, please just send an email with your full contact 
information to<>. Any 
questions should be sent there as well.

Complimentary copies may be available for qualified applicants based in 
developing countries. Applicants for a complimentary copy should send a request 
describing their professional involvement in clinical trial management on 
letterhead stationery.

David Hock

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