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[afro-nets] Launch of the 2010 Human Development Report

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Launch of the 2010 Human Development Report


UNDP’s 20th anniversary Human Development 
 –“The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development” – will be 
launched on November 4th at the United Nations  by UN Secretary-General Ban 
Ki-moon, UNDP Administrator Helen Clark, and Nobel laureate Amartya Sen.

The 2010 HDR’s lead author, Jeni Klugman, will present its main findings, 
including its revealing review of global development data and trends of recent 
decades, and the introduction of new human development indices. Among those new 
indices is the Multidimensional Poverty Index 
 created by the Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative and released 
publicly in July, and the Report's original Human Development Index (HDI) 
adjusted to reflect gender disparities and other inequalities.

As part of the 20th anniversary commemoration, the Human Development Report 
Office will republish all previous HDRs in searchable PDF and e-book formats 
for free downloading.  The HDR website will also be re-launched with extensive, 
interactive new data resources covering most countries in the world.   Visitors 
will be able to create their own development indices using new tools and the 
latest statistics.   As an additional feature, the Human Development Report is 
now on 
  please join us there!

As part of the ongoing series of materials marking the 20th anniversary of the 
Human Development Report, we would like to share with you and your colleagues a 
free public online course entitled, the  Human Development 
 The course highlights the fundamentals of the human development approach and 
explains how it is applied to development work.

It is available online and can be downloaded for offline use in classrooms and 
workshops.  We encourage you to share this course with all your development 
partners. The Human Development Journey Online course [image: The Human 
Development Journey]

This course introduces the concepts and principles of human development, and 
explains why the approach is important to the work of the United Nations 
Development Programme and its partners. The course covers topics on measuring 
human development, policy advocacy, and application of the approach across such 
topics as poverty reduction, democratic governance, the environment and climate 

This course is available free of charge in English, French and Spanish. UNDP 
does not provide certificates for its completion.

If you are a UNDP staff member, an alternate version of this course is 
available in the 

If you would like to use this course as part of teaching and learning 
programme, evaluation questions and answers are available upon request through 
this online 

Additional HD learning resources are available 
The Human Development Journey online course was developed by the Human 
Development Report Office and the Learning Resource Centre/OHR/BOM of UNDP.

© 2010 UNDP. All rights reserved.
 Begin the online

Duration: 3-4 hours

Download the course for offline use:    - 

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