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[afro-nets] New Issue now available Exchange on HIV/AIDS, sexuality and gender 2/2010

New issue now available

A PDF of the latest issue of Exchange on HIV/AIDS, Sexuality and Gender is 
available from our website. The topic of this special issue is "Cross-cultural 
learning on HIV, sexuality, gender and education".

 *   Cross-cultural learners share experiences
 *   The carnivalesque factor in southern African HIV pandemic
 *   Interrogating culture in addressing HIV, gender and sexuality
 *   HIV prevention in Brazil: Respecting rights and sexualities
 *   A cross-cultural perspective of HIV, gender and education
 *   Links and resources

Download the full issue: 

If you are unable to download PDFs from our website, please e-mail us at <> , and we will send you a PDF of the 
last issue by e-mail.

Next issue

The next (December 2010) issue of Exchange on HIV and AIDS, Sexuality and 
Gender  will focus on How intergenerational sex contributes to HIV infections.

Studies conducted in several sub-Saharan African countries have revealed that 
women and girls engage in intergenerational sexual relationships without the 
protection of condoms, giving cause for concern about HIV transmission. These 
relationships often occur against the women's and girls' will and for many 
reasons, including reasons associated with subsistence.
Source: Sexual Health 8.2007; Vol. 4; No. 3: P. 
181-187<>; Josephine Nkosana; Doreen 
The deadline for submission of articles is August 30, 2010.
More information:
For guidelines, back issues and more information about submitting an article. 
Please contact the editor before you start writing your article.

Ilse Egers

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