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Breastfeeding in emergency situations

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Media opportunity to Use the Haiti Crisis for some good

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To the editorial and program planning staff of the TODAY Show

Like millions of other viewers I have been watching the reports on various news 
channels of the terrible situation left by the earthquake in Haiti. Last 
evening Dr. Sangay Gupta (on CNN) was featured examining a 2 day old infant 
(whose mother had apparently died in the earthquake) regarding a laceration of 
the scalp. Dr. Gupta completed his examination by declaring that the infant's 
wound was not life threatening, redressing the wound and reporting that this 
infant would need antibiotics but said nothing about food and water, as 
important, if not more so, to this baby's immediate survival than antibiotics. 
At no time have I seen anything regarding the need to consider the best way to 
feed the infants and young children in order to avoid a predictable increase in 
mortality through contaminated water and food.  I urge that the planners of 
your programming response to this sort of emergency to take a look at the web 
site of the Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN) ( to get 
immediate guidance regarding this essential aspect of response to such an 
emergency.  They are an independent, collaborative, nonprofit organization, 
established in 1996. They have developed excellent instructions on how to care 
for the nutrition aspect of such major events. Their materials include 
specifically what to do about feeding of infants and young children.  

Please do take a look at the above website (and/or contact ENN directly).  We 
can not prevent such events but we can use the enormous attention that such 
events generate and the great power of the media to educate both those involved 
in responding to the current event and the millions of viewers who may be 
involved in the next event about the life saving things that they can and 
should do. 

Thanks for considering my suggestion and for all that you do to keep us 
informed about important global events.  

Audrey J. Naylor, MD, DrPH, FAAP, FABM
Clinical Professor of Pediatrics (vol and part-time)
University of Vermont College of Medicine
President and CEO
Wellstart International
web address: 

Leela McCullough, Ed.D.
Director of Information Services

AED-SATELLIFE Center for Health Information and Technology
30 California Street, Watertown, MA 02472, USA
Tel: +617-926-9400    Fax: +617-926-1212

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