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[afro-nets] Meeting the information needs of healthcare providers in Haiti

[Forwarded from HIFA2015; 14 Jan 2010]
[Note from HIFA2015 moderator: The message below is forwarded on  behalf of the 
Hesperian Foundation, publisher of 'Where there is no Doctor', in response to 
the earthquake in Haiti. With thanks, Neil PW]

In the face of the devastating earthquake
 in Haiti, we urge everyone to forward and distribute the following health 
materials in Haitian Creole and English to every relief worker, resident, and 
traveler already in or leaving for Haiti.
*Materials available in Haitian Creole:* Here is a link to a pdf of the the 
Haitian Creole edition of _Where  There is No Doctor_: [Note this is a large 
file - 23Mb. Neil PW]
Also available as a printed book from 4 The World Resource Distributers:; Tel: 417-862-4448, Fax: 417-863-9994,
Link to a pdf of the Haitian Creole edition of _Where Women Have No Doctor_: 
Link to a pdf of the Haitian Creole edition of Sanitation and Cleanliness 
booklet: [3Mb]; 
produced by our partners _SOIL (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods) 
Link to a pdf of a cholera fact sheet in English:
All of the above and other health materials in English and Spanish can be 
downloaded here:
Hesperian expresses our deepest sympathies to those who have been directly and 
indirectly affected by this disaster. Natural disasters are made worse by our 
very human-made systems that impoverish people and deny their right to health. 
As we encourage you to donate to the relief effort, Hesperian recommends these 
organizations which have redoubled their work in Haiti to address this most 
recent catastrophe: 
Haiti Action Network, Haiti Emergency Relief Fund
Partners in Health []
Grassroots International, Earthquake Relief Fund for Haiti
 1919 Addison Street  Suite 304, Berkeley, CA 94704 US
HIFA2015: Healthcare Information For All by 2015
With thanks to our 2010 Sponsors: British Medical Association, 
ePORTUGUESe/World Health Organization, Network for Information and Digital 

Annie Kearns

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