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[afro-nets] Neuroinfectious Disease Conference 2010

Dear People,
International Society of Neuro virology  ( ISNV) ,Ethiopian Medical Association 
( EMA )  and  People to People ( P2P )  wanted to inform you that the ISNV 
website,  is now set up to receive online registrations for the 
February 27 th and 28 th, 2010  international  conference at the UN hall,in 
Addis ababa . Please check  the website, select ��conferences�� from the menu, 
then click on ��Neuroinfectious Disease Conference��,  where they may read 
about the conference, view the agenda  and pre-register for the meeting. 
Registration is free. This is a unique opportunity to promote medical education 
and research to close the gap with some of the finest scientists in the world.
Together we can find solutions for our challenges.
Enawgaw  Mehari,M.D
www.peoplepeople. org
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