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[afro-nets] Call for Nominations: Communities Delegation of the Global Fund seeks CFP

Call for Nominations: Communities Delegation of the Global Fund seeks CFP

Call for Nominations for the Communities Living with AIDS, TB and Malaria 
Communication Focal Point (CFP) to the Global Fund Board

We are now soliciting nominations for a vacant position of Communication Focal 
Point of the Delegation of the Communities Living With AIDS, TB and Malaria.

CLOSING DATE for nominations is 9th August 2006 (see Section 4 below)


The position of the Communication Focal Point (CFP) is that of a volunteer – 
there is no payment for playing this role.  Travel and per diem costs to attend 
Board meetings are covered by the Global Fund Secretariat.  The position can 
demand up to 25% of a full-time equivalent (FTE).

The CFP works closely with the Board Member and Alternate of the delegation of 
the Communities Living with the three diseases. Together, these three comprise 
the official Delegation between Board meetings.

Although there are specific references to the role of the CFP in the Global 
Fund By-laws of the duties of CFP, the approach within the Communities 
Delegation is a more inclusive process, and the role is extended in order to 
communicate and consult globally with communities living with AIDS, TB and 
Malaria .

Purpose of the position of CFP

•    The Communication Focal Point (CFP) serves as the communication link 
between the Global Fund Board Member and Alternate, delegation members, the 
Global Fund Secretariat and the broader community.
•    The CFP should develop a mechanism to strengthen the delegation and build 
institutional memory of the Communities constituency deliberations and 
participation including positions on issues related to GFATM   through 
appropriate knowledge management.


The CFP is an individual.  However, institutional support is critical to 
carrying out the duties. It is desirable that the candidate works in or is 
associated closely with a HIV, TB or Malaria NGO that has the commitment and 
administrative and technical capacity to support  the role of CFP.  The 
geographic coverage of the CFP spans developing and developed countries around 
the world.  Although no resources are allocated to performing the tasks and 
functions, it is strongly encouraged that the CFP seek adequate financial and 
human resources to carry out the multiple functions needed to ensure the proper 
work of the whole delegation; this financial process should be run in a 
transparent manner and in cooperation with the Board member and Alternate.  
Funding is currently being secured for part-time administrative support to the 
CFP and to support the daily operations and communications of the delegation. 
It is strongly desirable that the candidate could prove strong links with an 
organization that is able to support the fiscal management of the delegation 
budget according to normal accounting and auditing procedures. .

Based on the Board and CFP functions, the selection of the CFP will consider 
the following criteria:

•    A person living with the disease(s)
•    Understanding of the scope of work of the Global Fund and opportunities it 
presents, particularly as it relates to issues of people living with AIDS, TB 
ad Malaria in developing countries;
•    Experience and ability to assume responsibility to carry out the tasks as 
described in Section 5 below;
•    Ability and capacity to communicate and network effectively and broadly 
(must have functioning communication linkages);
•    Ability to facilitate the development of, and adherence to, processes that 
ensure transparency and accountability between the Delegation and communities 
living with the diseases;
•    Communication, facilitation, strategic political and negotiating skills 
(working within a 10 member Delegation and between Delegations);
•    Openness, willingness and ability to learn, and to take on issues across 
constituency groups.
•    Ability to work well in written and spoken English (additional languages 
will be valued);
•    Assurance from employer  regarding availability of at least  25% of 
working time for Global Fund related duties, if selected.
•    Ability for resource mobilization, administration and management including 
donors relations.
•    Consideration will be made to ensure geographical and gender balance 
within the delegation.

   Section 3:    LENGTH OF TERM
The selection of the CFP is for a 2-year term and is renewable once, based on 
an assessment process convened by the Board member and Alternate at an annual 

A CFP ceases to be a CFP or can be removed from the duties described above by 
the Board and Alternate members if:
•    He/she is or becomes a member of a GFATM Board’s Committee
•    He/she resigns and the organization is not able to replace the individual; 
(the CFP is an individual, so, the organizations can not replace him or her 
unless the BM and Alt MB delegation decide to do so.)
•    He/she no longer has an employer who is supportive of the time commitment 
required or he/she no longer has links to the organizations that secured 
his/her selection as CFP;
•    He/she is unable to perform the agreed upon tasks, or to work productively 
with the Board, Alternate and Delegation Members; or,
•    If a conflict of interest is declared i.e. if he/she is a member (or 
affiliated) of CCM, is a PR or LFA.

  Section 4:   APPLICATION PROCESS (Please read carefully)
Nominated individuals to the Global Fund Board need to prepare and submit an 
application that covers the following:
•    Name, contact information, age, organizational affiliation, communities 
•    Short Curriculum Vitae (CV) outlining experience; (maximum 2 pages)
•    Short Narrative outlining your understanding of the Fund and vision for 
its future, your community linkages in terms of relevant experience, and the 
most significant capabilities you would bring to the Delegation that address 
the specified criteria (maximum 2 pages).

Attached to the application will be:
•    A letter of reference from your own organization, or closest affiliated 
organization, agreeing to the additional travel and workload (1 page only).

The CLOSING DATE for nominations is 9 th August 2006. Mr. Javier Hourcade 
Bellocq Alternate Board Member will serve as a mailbox for applications. Please 
send your applications in English by e-mail to with 
the subject: CFP application

We thank all applicants for their participation but only the one selected will 
be contacted. The results of selection process will be announced through the 
HIV, TB and Malaria list server, distribution list and discussion forums,:


1.    Key CFP operational functions include:

•    Support the Board and Alternate members to carry out their functions and 
mandates of GFATM.
•    Provide secretariat support to the work of the Delegation.
•    Ensure timely dissemination of information and documentation related to 
the pre and post Board and Committee meetings and other Global Fund related 
business, to delegation, the Board member and Alternate.
•    Facilitate the strategic communications and partnership with organization, 
networks and initiatives related to the needs of communities with the three 
•    Facilitate the selection of new Alternate member for Communities 
Constituency in consultation with Board member, including disseminating the 
call for nominations and managing the selection.
•    Facilitate the constitution of the selection committee for Alternate, CFP 
and delegation members for the constituency.
•    Facilitate, in consultation with the Board member and Alternate, the 
selection of committee members from delegation.
•    Support the design of delegation’s internal and external communication 
strategy in consultation with Board member and Alternate.
•    Facilitate and support the delegation resources mobilization efforts 
including donor relations and reporting.
•    Manage, administer and report back on the delegation budgets and grants 
(including the monitoring of the contract with funding recipient NGO) in 
consultation with Board member and alternate.

2.    Specific tasks and functions include:

a) Support the Board and Alternate members to carry out their functions and 
•    Facilitate the annual selection process of delegation members for the 
composition of delegation for the board meetings.
•    Maintain a pool of second line delegation candidates as support team for 
the delegation from the applicants
•    Maintain close communication with the Delegation’s Board member and 
Alternate and delegation members through regular email messages and 
teleconferences between the Board meetings
•    Facilitate the decision making process within the communities delegation 
before a decision is taken and sent to the secretariat.
•    Organize full Delegation teleconferences as necessary for expanded 
•    Provide support in the design and implementation of a programme for the 
induction of new delegation, committee and Alternate member.

b) Provide secretariat support to the work of the Delegation:

•    Prepare invitation to selected community delegation members to join the 
delegation and ensure logistical documentation is disseminated
•    Under the direction of the Board Member and Alternate, communicate with 
Communities’ Delegation members to organize joint  
meetings, and assist in the development of the meeting agendas in preparation 
for the Board meetings
•    Organize delegation pre-meetings with other delegations, as directed by 
the Board and Alternate member to discuss key issues and coordinate strategies 
before the Board meeting.
•    Organize a pre-meeting(s), and post meeting de-brief of Delegation members.
•    Liaise with the Global Fund Secretariat for meeting room bookings, 
developing meeting schedules, and other logistical arrangements
•    Participate in, and follow up to, Board meetings through debriefings and 
written reports on Delegation’s work
Disseminate information on Global Fund in line with the Communities’ 
Delegation’s internal/external communications strategy

c) Ensure timely dissemination of information and documentation related to the 
Board and Committee meetings:

•    Coordinate the flow of Board /Committee meeting documentation from the 
Fund Secretariat to the delegation.
•    Prepare a briefing paper for every board meeting based on the delegation 
work in the board meeting for wider circulation.
•    Establish mechanisms for continuous feedback from the larger HIV/ AIDS, TB 
and Malaria Communities on GF related issues.
•    Create and maintain a database of Communities interested in receiving 
regular updates on the GF.
•    Develop an electronic newsletter to update and feedback to the wider 
communities on the activities of the delegation following the board meetings
•    Liaise with other Communication focal points including organizing meetings 
between delegations, Board members and Communication focal points.
•    Support the development and implementation of the communication strategy 
and plan for the delegation in consultation with board and Alternate members.
•    Facilitate and consolidate the administration of self-performance 
appraisal tool with delegation, committee and board and Alternate members in 
the board meeting.
•    Identify and prepare a calendar of information regarding the regional 
consultation or conference/meeting for the delegation in order to facilitate 
the participation of regional focal/delegation with an aim to provide 
information about the delegation and GFATM

d) Facilitate the renewal of delegation, Board member and Alternate

•    Prepare, in consultation with the Board member, the call for nominations” 
for the delegation, Alternate members to be replaced
•    Facilitate the establishment for the process for nomination, selection and 
Committee functioning, including acting as the secretariat to receive 
nominations, ensure that applications are complete, prepare and disseminate 
nominations to the selection committee
Provide support to the selection committee to carry out its mandate

e) Manage, administer and report back on the delegation budgets and grants in 
consultation with Board Member and Alternate

•    Create basic policies for travels and expenditures with the delegation 
•    Manage the grants agreements or contracts including the (financial and 
programmatic) report system with funding organizations
•    Develop and implement a basic work plan for the grants received by the 
•    Support Board Member and Alternate on the resource mobilization efforts 
including the development of proposals

3.    Accountability

•    Communication focal point is accountable to the Board member, Alternate in 
consultation with delegation

4.    Evaluation

•    The performance of the CFP will be assessed annually by at least three 
members of the delegation, at least One of whom must be the Board Member or the 
Evaluation will be based on performance indicators provided in the CFP work 
plan and some or all of the following standard performance evaluation 
indicators – e.g. reliability, dependability, punctuality, productivity, 
consistency, resourcefulness, judgment, and relations with team members, 
interpersonal skills, written and oral communication skills, job knowledge, 
supervisory skills, organizational skills and leadership skills.


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