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[afro-nets] Eliminating world poverty: making governance work for the poor (14)

Eliminating world poverty: making governance work for the poor (14)

Thanks George for your question. The answer has to be really long, if it should 
cover all aspects. But I shall restrict to a few points for the present:

Transparency can be a great leveller and flatten inequalities.

A poor man cannot admit his child who is very sick to a hospital giving bribe 
as there is a shortage of beds; the rich man can give bribe and admit the child 
even for a minor ailment. The poor man's child dies, putting everyone to grief.

If bribe system is removed thro' transparency, then equal opportunity can be 
created for all. This will remove inequalities and the consequent discord and 

Similarly for schooling, college, employment, promotion, housing, etc.

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Be it individuals, 
families, communities or nations. Transparency can remove the inequalities.

Most of the international borrowing by poor countries are wasted in various 
ways and the result is continued poverty. This can be eliminated thro' 

Terrorism can be eliminated if there is all round equal opportunity and 
prosperity and transparency in various dealings.

Instead of spending on arms race and high security cover thro' war and other 
means, the health, education, employment, etc. of poor nations and communities, 
if attended to can remove inequalities.

Transparency's ultimate objective must be to create all round peace and 
prosperity for the whole world. Lest, like the human body, even a small wound 
in any part of the body, can affect the whole body.

Kris Dev.

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