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[afro-nets] Uganda HIV/AIDS Sero-Behavioural Survey

Uganda HIV/AIDS Sero-Behavioural Survey 

Is anyone aware of any analysis of the recently released Uganda HIV/AIDS 
Sero-Behavioural Survey 2004-05? For example, is there any comparison between 
this survey and previous national surveys, such as the DHS?

I have received a couple helpful replies from the Partners-Uganda email list, 
but was hoping subscribers to this list might also have some insights.

I am particularly interested in what this new survey might tell us about 
changes in sexual behavior, broadly speaking, over the last decade or so.

I have seen a few newspaper articles discussing the findings but not much else. 
The main surprise seems to be that HIV-prevalence is somewhat higher than 
expected. Also that women under 35 are significantly more likely to be 
HIV-positive than men of the same age.

Any help would be appreciated.

The final report can be found here:


Robert Wyrod
Dpt of Sociology
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL USA

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