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[afro-nets] New Global Health Technical Briefs published on service provision, FGC, breastfeeding

New Global Health Technical Briefs published on service provision, FGC, 

Looking for technical overviews on health? Global Health Technical Briefs 
summarize the most important information on a timely reproductive health topic 
in two pages, and pinpoint the implications for public health programs.

Four new Global Health Technical Briefs are now available at

Global Health Technical Briefs: Checklists Reduce Medical Barriers to 
Contraceptive Use

Medical barriers often prevent clients from using their desired method of 
family planning. Using checklists for determining pregnancy and eligibility for 
oral contraceptives, injectables, and the IUD can effectively increase access 
to family planning while helping ensure client safety.

Global Health Technical Briefs: Five Simple Ways to Improve Oral Contraceptive 
Provision and Use

Providers can employ five simple strategies to reduce medical barriers to oral 
contraceptive provision resulting in faster and safer delivery, and improved 
counseling and use of OCs.

Global Health Technical Briefs: Accelerating the Abandonment of Female Genital 
Cutting: Community Change to Support Human Rights

Female genital cutting affects an estimated 130 million girls and women, mainly 
in Africa, and often leads to serious health problems. Community-based 
approaches to accelerating abandonment of FGC have the best chance of achieving 
sustainable change.

Global Health Technical Briefs: Helping Women with HIV Decide About 
Breastfeeding: What Family Planning Programs Can Do

The mistaken belief that all mothers with HIV will pass HIV to their infants 
through breastfeeding has overshadowed the health and life-saving benefits of 
breastfeeding. Program managers can help ensure that family planning providers 
are taught the facts about HIV and breastfeeding and taught how to help women 
with HIV weigh the various risks in deciding whether to breastfeed.

New Global Health Technical Briefs are posted regularly on MAQWeb at Currently, the site offers 32 
technical briefs on Family Planning, Healthcare Programming, Maternal and Child 
Health, and Malaria. The INFO Project produces Global Health Technical Briefs 
for the Maximizing Access and Quality Initiative.

To suggest a topic, e-mail Rushna Ravji, USAID, at

Theresa C. Norton
Associate Editor, INFO Project
Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs
111 Market Place, Suite 310
Baltimore, MD  21202
PHONE: 410-659-2697

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