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[afro-nets] Eliminating world poverty: making governance work for the poor (9)

Eliminating world poverty: making governance work for the poor (9)


Your comments regarding Kris' post are understandable however, the point he is 
trying to put forward is not communism but the need for a truly open and 
democratic process in the emerging global society. In the US we have sunshine 
laws, and what they say is that public policy meetings in local communities 
must proceed in the open and not in secrecy. Why is this confined to the local 
if it is that a free society needs to operate in the open?

What is communistic is the very nature of elites to operate in secrecy and 
without accountability, out of the sunshine of the critical public eye. Hence 
the excessive oligarchic global capitalism system in place resembles more and a 
communist system with a handful of people controlling not just one nation but 
the whole global society.

If we do not as you say "wake up" and "get serious" to the fact of the root 
cause of these problems that we talk about here, then humanity will itself be 
an increasingly unfeasible proposition.

Fukayama's "End of History" was based on the notion of a new age of history 
based on the fall of communism and the victory of capitalism. More and more 
intellectuals challenge this simplistic view of the world. Yet we much can also 
be learned from his thinking.

What I see is that "peace dividend" from the West's victory over the East (the 
idea was that without the need for huge cold war era militaries we could now 
spend the money on much development and social programs) was squandered 
(instead the peace dividend went towards tax cuts for the rich, prison building 
and the War on Crime, the War on Terror and now to sustain wars in Iraq and 
Afghanistan) and so now we have to deal with a rising tide of global problems 
including the excesses and externalities of capitalism itself. Much of Buffet's 
32 billion came from candy, cigarettes and junk food (War on Human Health). So 
then we must ask: if we through some modified form of capitalism, cannot find a 
compelling and timely solution to these world urgent issues, then might its 
demise also follow that of its long time arch-nemesis communism? If so, what is 
now being developed that could replace its untimely collapse?

My own view is to modify the existing capitalism so that it is more adequately 
regulated in a global system. To me what is ludicrous is that we operate in an 
increasingly global economy that has transcended the nation-state but that this 
global economy still operates basically in a regulatory vacuum. This allows the 
West to promote and benefit from the outsourcing and development strategies 
without consideration to 
adequate health care, proper worker rights, human rights and consideration of 
the unsustainable ecological impacts of development that often human health 
repercussions (global warming, air and water pollution). How long can this 
continue? Can?t we see terrorism and rise of extreme Islam as well as other 
forms of extremism as knee jerk responses to ill thought out development 
policies that repeat the same patterns of exploitation common in human history?

What I see is a global ICT network that promotes accountability and 
transparency funding innovative market driven ecologically and socially 
sustainable technologies and approaches. A holistic Health Care Development 
model is a key part of this strategy.

Jeff Buderer
oneVillage Foundation

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