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[afro-nets] Roy Innis on malaria (8)

Roy Innis on malaria (8)

Dear Jeff,

I am afraid that there are many things in this world that are worrisome and if 
one had the time I could probably find someone that says THE SKY IS FALLING.  
Yes there are people (scientists and the like) who claim that we have GLOBAL 
WARMING, that freon has burned a hole in the ozone, and that DDT has caused 
eagle eggs to have thin shells.  There are a lot of scientists and educated 
people that will say it is nonsense.  I talked to a Canadian scientist a few 
years back who flatly informed me that the freon scare that has caused R-12 
refrigerant to go from $1 a pound to $45 a pound is one of many ridiculous 
stories that has been perpetrated on the US.  

Environmentalists never tell you how they arrive at their conclusions, and do 
not take into account the natural things that are constantly happening to this 
planet.  If we think that the earth is not constantly changing on it's own then 
we are being very arrogant about our importance in the grand scheme of things.  
Our history
on this small planet in the universe has a history of change, many times 
violent and sudden, others very gradual.

What I do know for sure is that Africa has a serious malaria problem, DDT is 
one of the weapons in the arsenal to stop this deadly disease that produces a 
911 every day.  I have talked to people that were dusted with DDT as children 
and had no ill effects and are still alive and well today.  DDT is still used 
to this day in other countries and I don't hear a lot of gloom and doom about 
that other than the environmentalists who have an agenda.  I ask myself why if 
DDT is so terrible is it still manufactured, why if R-12 refrigerant is going 
to burn up our ozone is it still manufactured and sold at ridiculous prices.  

The environmentalist wackos have gained a lot of power over the years and it is 
not a wise career move for any scientist to question their conclusions or data, 
but some are and the truth is slowly coming out.
In the mean time ladies and gentlemen the clock still ticks and the people keep 
dying or are too sick to work and provide for their families.  While we sit 
here and protect our little positions the people keep dying.  We should be 
ashamed of ourselves.

Have a nice day


Craig Audiss

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